Delicious Natural Cocoa
and Hazelnut Spread

What is elCrem

elCrem has a rich hazelnut and natural cocoa flavour, but there is much more to it.

We completely eliminated palm oil and replaced it with shea and rapeseed oils.

Our specially selected non-alkalized natural cocoa powder blend is high in antioxidants and the hazelnut content is as high as 17%.

elCrem contains inulin, a fibre extracted from chicory root. Inulin is sweet and lower in calories as compared to sugar.

We did not add any artificial sweeteners, preservatives, colour, or flavour.

Under the European Commission and the UK FSA regulations there are currently no nutrition or health claims which we could legally use to tell you more about shea oil, rapeseed oil, non-alkalized cocoa, antioxidants or inulin. Thus, we recommend you to refer to independent, publicly available sources, for more information.

Our mission

Our goal at UNIQUE RECIPES is to create cocoa spreads that we would want our own families to enjoy.

We want to keep our spreads delicious, natural and simple, composed only of the best quality ingredients.

We want to have a neutral impact on the environment, by making sure that our components, as well as the harvesting and production methods, meet the highest environmental and sustainability standards.

Who we are

UNIQUE RECIPES was started by a pair of entrepreneurs with a strong interest is healthy and responsible eating and living.

We were joined by a senior confectionery market expert, formerly senior executive and country head of Nestlé Group, and by a local venture capital firm specialising in food market innovations.

We are based in France, Poland and in the UK.

Research story

elCrem is packed with good things. For starters, it has a solid base of passion. Add to that a few scoops of well researched ideas, a pinch of consumer feedback, and finally but most importantly, plenty of food science.

Making sure that elCrem meets all our expectations wasn’t something we were able to achieve at our kitchen table.

To make that happen we hired a leading team of food technicians with approximately 50 years combined experience in the European confectionary industry.

Almost two years later and after confronting our test panels with over 40 different versions of the product, we ended up with something which in our view is probably as close to perfect as you could get.

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